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Custom avatar?
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Thread: Custom avatar?

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    Custom avatar?

    Hey guys, sorry if I'm a huge klutz but where the hell is the setting to upload a custom avatar of your own choosing? I can only see the pre-made ones, could it be that this feature is simply missing at this point?

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    Hi at the moment we don't have the feature activated we are working on other aspects of the forums, but it should be possible to add a custom profile picture, it will only show up in your profile page though!
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    Jamie, activate it if it's not! People like avatars. It should be here :/
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    We are currently having to stick with gallery avatars for back end reasons as we are connecting our forums to the comments system on the site soon!

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    We've added in custom profile pics for now, as the comments link is taking longer than we wanted.
    J45PER - Xitol Softoworks Co-Founder and Director

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