Challenge yourself, discover secrets.

Mineral is a minimalist zen puzzle game, designed as a relaxing but challenging experience, taking you through 5 unique realms, with varying levels of difficulty, challenge and mechanics.

In Mineral you control a physics bound energy orb; collecting energy crystals to unlock portals to new levels and these unique realms, each level has its own selection of secrets and collectables to gather to maximise your orb’s energy levels.

Each environment is designed with a minimalist neon setting, each realm providing its own take and setting. Play across these 5 unique realms, along with extra challenge levels to test your skill and control.



  • Physics based ball control, the ball will react to the slightest control and require precision movement, acceleration and deceleration to traverse each level.
  • An enchanting soundtrack from Barratt to blend in with each unique realm.
  • A grounded, simplistic, minimalist art style with just an overdose of neon!