Making Mineral #02

The Ball

The ball or to put it another way; the “Glowy moving sphere thing”. The ball is your source of movement and navigation through each of the realms.

The ball starts off in it’s classic mode, all blue and powerless, but as you play through the game you will unlock some unique abilities, that will aid in the navigation of levels. These abilities will allow you to revisit secrets and gather collectables from previous levels.

Each ability however has a limited time, after that, back to blue you go!


Dawn is the first ability you will encounter.

This power improves your traversal throughout levels with the ability to climb Dawn Walls and Jump using the Action Key/Button.


Dusk is the second ability you can unlock.

This power allows you to reveal Etheric Dusk platforms and objects throughout the level, with this power active you can also turn the Dusk platforms physical, moving over them to reach previously out of reach areas.


The final ability Midnight, is encountered later in the game.

The ball now has the ability to Speed Boost, using the Action Key/Button, this allows you to make jumps and improve your level completion time.

Completing Levels

Completing levels is simple, reach the End Portal!

End Portal

The End Portal for most levels requires you to collect Portal Gems in order to power it. The amount of gems varies level to level.

Some End Portals are at the far end of levels, whilst others will have you return to them once you have the gems to power them.

Portal Gems

Portal gems are a distinct feature across Mineral, these mysterious pink gems, fractured with glowing energy are the only power source to enable End Portals and progress.

Obtaining the Portal Gems is a key part of the puzzle of each level but other obstacles, logic and pathfinding also stand in your way.

We’ll keep posting weekly updates between now and summer! You’ll also see some significant changes from the gifs above soon!

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