Making Mineral #01

What is Mineral?

Mineral is a minimalist zen puzzle game, designed as a relaxing but challenging experience, taking you through 5 unique realms, with varying levels of difficulty, challenge and mechanics.

In Mineral you control a physics bound energy orb; collecting energy crystals to unlock portals to new levels.

Each environment is designed with a minimalist neon setting. With each realm providing its own take and setting. There are 5 unique realms each varying in difficulty and challenge, all of which can be replayed with new abilities upon completion of the game.

Where are we in development?

Mineral is currently in a pre-alpha state, what this means is we are almost feature complete. We just have a few little things we need to finish off before we are ready to test, optimise and release.

Mineral has gone through several iterations, and we have settled on giving atmosphere to the 5 distinct realms:

  • Cloudlands, which serves as a tutorial to the game.
  • Rockfall, set in a cliffside environment with natural colours.
  • Etheric, where players are introduced to the abilities the Mineral ball possesses.
  • Lost Isles, a tranquil set of islands each with their own puzzle path.
  • Dark Gates, a ominous fire and shadow realm.

What’s Next?

We will be sharing more details soon, including gameplay details and a look into each realm in more detail.

For now we hope this serves as an introduction to Mineral!

Find out more details about the game as we update the Mineral Game Page.